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Why I’m not afraid of a New World Order

Quite simply… we need one.  The old world order is archaic, primitive and irrelevant.  In fact, we desperately need a new world order.  We will definitely have one. The only question is, what kind of world order will emerge?  How will we get there?  What will the journey be and the outcome and the timeline?  Whose world will it be?  Ours, or theirs?  Who is us?  Who is them?

To me, us is everyone except them.  Them is a very small collection of people who control virtually all of the wealth, drop all of the bombs, and perpetuate the idea that the current state of affairs is the only way.  A lot of us give them their power.  With our apathy, our willful ignorance and our desire to not shuffle the deck… lest we end up lower in the pile.

But the point is, despite what a lot of people seem to think of me, I am not your average conspiracy theorist, and I do not fear a new world order.  I yearn for it.  I hope for it. I think it can’t come soon enough.  Plenty of the things people are frightened of (for example the dissolving of borders between Canada, America and Mexico) are not such horrific ideas.  In fact, I think we need to dissolve all borders.  Countries and nations, in their current arrangement, are no longer relevant.

We have gotten to a point in our evolution where what we know does not match what we do or how we behave.  Things people say they ‘believe’ are actually things they regurgitate because other people have been saying them for so long it’s become something we all just say… but the facts do not remotely support them.

Nations are still at war over ancient invisible boundaries and meaningless illogical beliefs; people are starving and dying on the streets with supermarkets packed with food a block away; technology is stifled because only profitable science is invested in, not useful science; animals and plants are dying… in fact, the earth is dying. The very orb which makes our unique existence possible we are knowingly destroying.  Social and economic systems across the globe are crumbling, dictators are being toppled as ‘we’ march in the streets. ‘They’ are quickly learning the old world order will not do.  Once again, the question remains… what will emerge?

This should be the focus of your anger, of your fear, of your passionate debates.  Fear not a shadowy, hidden, illuminati of reptilian alien overlords.  Instead… embrace the potential for a new, updated, relevant arrangement.  Stop talking about the weather and the Kardashians, and talk about how we all understand the frustration of Egyptians, Syrians, Greeks, Chinese, Irish and Iranians.  Talk about how how none of those nationalities mean a thing in the new world order.  That’s old world order talk.  To us, now, in the new world… we are all human.  No matter what they try to tell us.  There is no Egypt, no Syria, no Iran.  Just us.  And them.

And in our new world order… we don’t need them.


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