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Don’t Kill Anyone Day!

So a little while ago I made a random little facebook status update.  As you do.  It said this:

“Here’s a zany thought, let’s see if we, as a species, can not murder anyone for a day.  We’ll call it “Don’t Kill Anyone Day.”  Let’s face it, World Peace is an unrealistic pipe dream for pie eyed beauty pageants to talk about… let’s start with something small and work from there.”

A few people liked it, then commented on it, then a strange thing happened.  A bunch of people started re-posting it.  A bunch of people got really excited about the idea, and in a limited, facebook sort of way, there was some buzz around the simple little thought.  So, I’m going to expand the thought, and make it official.  Join me if you wish (or if you really must, go ahead and off someone,) but I, Danny Mendlow, nobody, do officially declare that on Sunday, February 6th, I will do what I usually do on a Sunday… not murder anyone.  That’s all there is to this ‘holiday’ (although let’s be honest, that’s a lot more nobility and decency and substance than there is to most holidays) it’s really quite easy.

All you have to do in order to take part in this joyous occasion is not kill anyone.  Make a really conscious effort too, don’t half ass it.  Take the bullets out of your gun.  Tell the general you have to fix the stealth bomber’s engine today.  Put off that trench coat related trip to your local high school cafeteria for one more day and brush up that suicide note instead.  And let’s just see if we can be a little less homicidal on this here planet, if only for a day.

Don’t worry about others and their scenarios.  Don’t try to end a war overnight or talk any stressed out parents out of drowning their children in a river.  Just you.  You, as an individual, make a personal choice.  Don’t.  Kill.  Anyone.  If you do that, on February 6th, then you have successfully taken part in the first of hopefully many successful “Don’t Kill Anyone Day” festivities.

Why February 6th?  Two reasons.  One, it’s the super bowl, and hopefully my Pittsburgh Steelers will be hoisting their unprecedented 7th Lombardi Trophy.  Two, it’s 48 hours away, which gives enough time for word to possibly spread, or for it to fizzle into a pile of nothing like most of my pointless ramblings.

For those of you who think this is an unreasonable goal, I might remind you that you shouldn’t look at this on a global scale or start screaming “Well what about people who are in Egypt/War/BP Executives”  – don’t worry about them.  Just you.  Now me personally, I have been alive for 9,360 days.  Haven’t killed anyone yet.  So this is not a terribly difficult day for me.  If I happen to end up in a sports bar next to some particularly obnoxious cheese heads on Sunday evening, it could get tempting to break the streak… but I think I’ll be able to control myself, at least wait until midnight.
I hope, mankind, that some of you will join me.  It’s really not a difficult thing to do.  Maybe, if you really have to off someone this Sunday, maybe you can join us next year.  Or the year after, or the year after that.

And maybe, after a few years, decades, centuries.  Maybe it’ll start to seem like such a good idea, that we won’t need to just do it on one day of the year.  Maybe make it a whole weekend!  Week!  Month even!

And maybe, not likely, (pretty much no chance at all) but maybe… we’ll all one day realize that there really is just no excuse for killing each other as much as we do, and maybe it shouldn’t be such an accepted and normal part of every day on this planet.

Join the facebook page and spread the good word that you, and only you, will not be killing anyone on February 6th.


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